Renata SA, a subsidiary of Swatch Group Ltd in Biel, was founded in 1952 as a manufacturer of components for mechanical watches.
Swiss quality and relentless reliability hae been making watches with Renata batteries tick since the 70’s. Their energy fuels diverse products including watches, consumer electronics, RFID and beacons, as well as medical devices and sensors.
As one of the world’s leading battery producers, Renata provides around one million coin cells a day to customers in over 140 countries. The Swiss company always has its eye on the future. Its 0% mercury silver oxide coin cells have set an industry benchmark and significantly raised the bar through modified materials and advanced production technologies.

Renata offers a broad portfolio of silver oxide, lithium and zinc air batteries.
Particularly in the silver oxide category the selection is huge. The offering focuses on the differentiation between high-drain and low-drain cells, vital in meeting the high technical demands of the watch sector. This market success is further energized by close collaboration between Renata and the development arms of Swiss made quartz watch manufacturers.