AF Switzerland Folding Clasp Tool

AF Switzerland SA was founded in 1926 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, which is now one of the leading distributors of parts, tools and equipment for watchmakers, jewellers, clockmakers and similar precision industries.


  • Watchmakers adjustment tool for folding clasps.
    This new tool produced by AF Switzerland is designed to repair and save folding and butterfly clasps which no longer lock or which are no longer obtainable as a replacement.• Saves folding clasps by allowing them to “CLICK” and lock again without having to replace them.
    • Clasps which were previously impossible to fix or repair can now be saved by the CLASP SAVER. Saves that expensive bracelet.
    • This ingenious tool enables the proper adjustment (bending) of the thick metal middle sections found on most folding clasps. Precise, highly accurate adjustment.
    • Easy to use, long lasting and reliable – makes proper repair of folding clasps without damaging them. No risk of scratching those expensive clasps.
    • Make money and save more for your satisfied customers – by repairing expensive clasps instead of replacing them.
    • Supplied complete with illustrated instructions.
  • Swiss made



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