ETIC Battery Tester

AF Switzerland SA was founded in 1926 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, which is now one of the leading distributors of parts, tools and equipment for watchmakers, jewellers, clockmakers and similar precision industries.


  • A universal instrument designed for checking all types of batteries used in watches, calculators, cameras or electronic games etc. A metal probe permits testing of individually packaged batteries. During testing, the drain on the batteries is negligible.

    Important feature :
    Pressing the red button, simulates the average resistance undergone by the battery in quartz analogue watches when the motor effects a step.

    – 1.35/1.5V “High Drain” for silver, mercury oxide and manganese dioxide.
    – 1.35/1.5V “Low Drain” for silver, mercury oxide and lithium.
    – 3V for lithium cells.



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